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The City Fix process

We’ve outlined the City Fix process to give you a clear understanding of how we will approach your project:

Initial Contact

Following your initial contact, we will discuss your specific requirements and arrange for a home visit to review the scope of work. We will only ever send a experienced, senior member of the City Fix team to see you who has experience in multi-trade building projects.

Home Visit

During your home visit, we will discuss your specific needs and provide guidance on the best way to make your project a reality. We will discuss different design options which may impact on the cost of the project, budget restrictions, planning requirements, potential challenges and timings for City Fix to deliver the project. This will allow us to provide you with an estimate for the work.

Written Proposal & Quotation

A detailed proposal will be emailed or posted to you based upon our discussions. This will provide you with a clear outline of the work to be undertaken and an overall cost for the job.

Acceptance of Cost Proposals

Upon written acceptance of the proposal, a detailed payment schedule and a mutual start will be agreed. If planning permission is required, City Fix will assist with the development of architectural plans which will then be submitted to your local planning department once agreed.

Commencing Work

If planning permission is required and plans are approved the work will commence. When the City Fix team arrive on site for the first time, you will be introduced to your project manager. As work progresses, they will keep you up to date with proper and timings. At all times, the City Fix team will be courteous, reliable and professional.

Project Completion

Once the job is complete, we will talk you through what has been done and will ensure you are happy with every aspect of the work before we leave your home.